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Custom Design
1. Custom Design
  • Handle by professional
    supported by over 10 years experienced womenswear pattern-maker

  • Digital Pattern
    adapt digital pattern method to achieved effective and efficient fabric consumption

Fashion Design Models
Print Textile
Towels Hanging
2. Print Textile
  • Print on demand
    start from 1 meter up to 10,000 meter

  • Certified ink : Oeko-Tex Eco Passport
    no harm chemical involved in production process, safe for your skin also the environment

  • Cutting-edge technology
    achieved color consistency throughout advance Japan technology

  • High-Resolution Print
    up to 1080px, seamless end result

Cut Make Trim (CMT)
3. Cut, Make and Trim (CMT)
  • Low Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)
    suitable for small – medium enterprise with decent quality

  • One Stop Solution
    design, fabric source, print, cut, sew and finishing in one place. End-product, ready to ship to end-customer

Sewing Machine
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